North Carolina is home to two different species of foxes: the red fox and the gray fox. The red fox has a bushy tail with a white tip, while the gray fox has a dark streak down its back and a black-tipped tail. As the weather continues to get warmer, it is not uncommon that you might be seeing them around your house or neighborhood during the day. If you see them in your residential area they are likely looking for food or taking care of their pups. 

While foxes are generally timid animals, you should not approach them around this time of year or feed them, as doing so will cause them to be more bold and aggressive. We recommend that homeowners remove anything from their yards such as pet food or bird seed that could attract curious foxes rummaging around for food. Additionally, you should block off any crawl spaces around the house so foxes cannot make a den inside and raise their young. If you do happen to come across a fox den around your home, you should get in touch with us immediately.

Farmers and owners of livestock should take notice of the potential threat that foxes can have towards your herd or flock. Foxes are capable of killing small goats and other small animals on your farm, and they are known to enter poultry houses and kill chickens and damage the eggs. Therefore it is important to have secure enclosures and to have your poultry house raised off of the ground.  

If you are concerned about foxes on your property, get in touch with us! We offer humane and ethical wildlife control solutions, and we offer wildlife exclusion services to keep wildlife from coming back. Visit our Home page to learn more about our services and to get a quote!