COVID-19 has rapidly spread around the world, and it has infected millions of people in the process. This virus has changed our way of living and it has also impacted the lives of wildlife. There has been an increase in wildlife around homes, and there are many reasons for this change in behavior. Below are a few of things that happened after the COVID-19 pandemic began last year:

  • Greenhouse emissions have been steeply declining
  • The availability of clean water and air has been increasing
  • Most people have been stuck inside due to mandatory lock-downs or quarantine protocols

Mandatory lock-downs have led to less disturbances in cities during the day, which has caused birds and other wildlife to start exploring areas closer to homes. There has been a decrease in flights, which has led to less atmospheric pollution. All of these factors have led to an increase in wildlife around homes.

Birds were one of the most effected species by COVID-19. Since there has been a decrease in pollution and human activity, birds have been able to fly around big cities without encountering much trouble. One of the largest reasons that wildlife are starting to explore is the lack of humans that are around. We may not realize it, but most of the wildlife that we encounter every day is afraid of us. Wildlife have evolved to avoid predators, which is why there are less wildlife issues in big cities. Now that wildlife have started to get closer to homes, there is an even greater need for wildlife control.

The Need for Wildlife Control

Even though it may look nice to see more wildlife around your home, unwanted wildlife can cause a lot of potential issues. If you suspect that there is unwanted wildlife in your home, give us a call at (336) 460-8531. We serve the Piedmont Triad region, and we provide humane solutions that will safely remove unwanted animals and prevent them from suffering. Once we remove the unwanted animal, we offer exclusion services to keep wildlife out of your home. If you are looking for more wildlife tips, check out our Tips page!

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