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Squirrels are cute and fuzzy little creatures. They jump around your yard, collect nuts and scurry up trees. While these little guys are cute to watch from a distance, they do have a dark side. Squirrels are a fairly common pest problem to have in the yard and sometimes even inside your home. They are a problem because of the tremendous amount of damage they can cause. They can ruin the siding on your home, chew holes in your house, and even get inside and cause a fire hazard by chewing through your wiring.

We do not recommened trying to make a deterrent or using mothballs because they can be harmful and interfere with the animal’s life cycle. There are many recipies online for squirrel deterrents, but they will take a significant amount of time and money in order to perfect, and they are not the best way to protect your homr from squirrels.

If you have a hanging bird feeder and squirrels are giving you problems, you can use a spinning bird feeder as a deterrent. These will spin and scare the squirrel if they jump onto it to get the bird seed inside.

Tips for Protecting Your Home from Squirrels

  • Trim branches and trees six to eight feet away from buildings to minimize the likelihood of squirrels jumping from nearby trees onto roofs.
  • If squirrels are gaining access by traveling on wires attached to your house, install 2-foot sections of 2- to 3-inch diameter plastic pipe over the wire. Slit the plastic pipe lengthwise, spread it open and place it over the wire. The pipe will rotate on the wire and cause squirrels to fall off. Never install this type of wire guard on or near electric lines. If a power line is the travel path being used, contact your electric company for assistance.
  • Give us a call! DO NOT try and hurt the squirrels or place repellants, because they could be harmful to other wildlife in the ecosystem. If you are having problems with squirrels, give us a call and we will come to your home and figure out the best way to get rid of your squirrel problem. We focus on humane and ethical wildlife treatment, and once we get the squirrels out, we will exclude your home to prevent them from messing with your home again.