Believe it or not, North Carolina is home to two different species of flying squirrels. Both of these species have unique characteristics, and we will discuss the details of each species in this article. 

Key Facts About Southern Flying Squirrels: 

  • Southern flying squirrels are pretty common in North Carolina and can be found around the state.
  • These squirrels usually share the same habitat as the gray squirrel and fox squirrel. 
  • Most North Caroline residents rarely see these flying squirrels because they are arboreal and nocturnal. 
  • These squirrels can be identified by small their size, as well as a distinct cape of loose skin which is bordered in black. 
  • Southern flying squirrels leap from high places and stretch out their cape of loose skin in order to glide through the air.

Regulations for Southern Flying Squirrels:

Southern flying squirrels are a nongame species with no trapping or hunting season. These squirrels also have been known to live in the attics of homes, but they are not typically a threat to the places they occupy.

Key Facts About Northern Flying Squirrels:

  • These squirrels are about 1/3rd larger than southern flying squirrels. 
  • These squirrels are typically brown on their backs, but have bi-colored fur on their bellies.
  • Northern flying squirrels are commonly found in the North Carolina mountain regions and other areas with high elevation.
  • These squirrels are quite rare and hardly cause any nuisance issues around properties. 

Regulations for Northern Flying Squirrels: 

Northern flying squirrels are also a nongame species like the southern flying squirrel. Therefore, there is no trapping or hunting season. These squirrels are also federally and state-listed as endangered. 

In Conclusion…

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