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You may be starting starting to notice some different smells while out and about this time of year and it’s probably stinky! That’s because it’s the beginning of breeding season for skunks here in North Carolina. Promiscuous; males will mate with several females and they breed between mid-February and mid-April. Males remain solitary except when mating. If a female skunk is “not in the mood” when being courted, she will sometimes spray to stop an advancing male. You will also notice a lot of skunks hit by cars this time of year due to being more active. Skunks live in areas with a mixture of woods, brush and open fields broken up by wooded ravines and rocky outcrops. Skunks create dens by digging into slopes of hills and spend most of the day there. They have also adapted to being close to humans mostly from finding easy food by raiding trash cans. Open or broken crawlspace doors or missing foundation vents can lead to easy access for a skunk to make your home their home. When a skunk sprays under or inside a home the aftermath can be devastating and potentially very costly. If you see a skunk don’t approach it and walk away slowly,it will normally leave you alone and go about it’s business. If you think a skunk may be gaining access to your home, call Midstate Wildlife Solutions. We offer professional and permanent solutions to rid and protect your home from these unwanted visitors. Give us a call today for your inspection.