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Important Reminder: As fall approaches, this is the time of year when copperheads are born. The baby snakes are born with venom and are ready to defend themselves. The mother snake typically gives live birth to about 8-10 babies. The babies can be identified by the greenish/yellow tips on their tails and will keep this coloration for about a year.

The copperhead is not an aggressive snake in general, but it will bite if accidentally stepped on or provoked. Be very careful while doing yard work this fall, especially in the cooler hours of the day. Copperheads can be found around bushes, rocks, or even stepping stones and flower pots. If you find a snake inside your home, don’t touch it and stay calm. Keep your eyes on it and give Midstate Wildlife Solutions a call. We offer a very effective snake program with a monthly repellent re-service that can help keep these unwanted visitors out of your living space.