wildlife control asheboro nc

With summer at its peak, people look for the reasons and ways to spend more time out in the open. Many people in North Carolina look for outdoor activities to pass the time such as barbecues, cookouts and parties. However, summer is also the time for animals and other wildlife to enjoy the sun and search for food. While partying outdoors, it is important to take some proper steps for wildlife prevention. As you prep up for your party, you will also need to care for the wildlife living around your home.

Tips to Keep Wildlife Off Property during Outdoor Activities

  • Clear off the Food: You need to have proper food disposal system in place before you plan your party. Animals and birds are always attracted to the food leftovers, and they will come to your party just for these. Do not dispose of trash in open trashcan outdoors unless you want these animals to come in as your uninvited guests. It is best to dispose of the food in a closed trashcan or possibly inside, so that the animals will not smell any food or have any reason to bother you.
  • Dispose of Balloons Properly: Birds often try to swallow pieces of popped balloons. These might get stuck in their throats and pose a threat to their health, so it is important to pick up all trash scraps as well.
  • Cover up Food: The smell of fresh food will draw in wildlife from all around your property. Thus, covering up all the snacks and dips might be a great way to protect the food. This will not only help you protect your food from being bothered, but it will also help reduce the smell of food and reduce the chances of animals coming to bother you.
  • Be Inclusive: If a bird or a critter has made a nest somewhere near your party, do not destroy its nest. If you think the nest is too close to the party venue, then change your venue. Be a great host, not just to your party guests, but also to the little critters around your property.

While wildlife prevention is necessary to help prevent damage to your property, it is important to properly care for the animals as well. If you have unwanted wildlife on your property, give us a call because we specialize in humane and effective wildlife removal. Animals are just curious, and it is their instinct to follow smells of food when you party outdoors. Following these tips will help you have a successful outdoor cookout.