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North Carolina is home to around 37 species of snakes, and it is a perfect location for them. It has areas of dense vegetation along with plenty of shade from trees to keep them cool in the summer. Snakes will start to be active this spring and summer, which is why it is important to prepare. Most of these snakes are harmless and when left alone will most likely just go about their business but if you happen to find one inside your home, we can help! We have a snake program, when put to use with the proper seal up and exclusion is very effective.

In this article we will discuss common North Carolina snakes and how to protect your home from them.

Common Snakes Found in North Carolina

  • Corn Snakes: Corn snakes come in yellow, brown, tan, and other colors and come with various patterns too. However, people often confuse it for a copperhead but this one is non-venomous. The corn snake has diamond-like designs running all along its body.
  • Rat Snakes: One of the most common snakes seen in North Carolina is a Rat Snake. They feed on mice and even on copperhead snakes.
  • Ringneck Snakes: This snake is quite elusive and comes in colors like yellow and black. There is a noticeable ring pattern on its neck giving it this name. The snake is common in marshy and swamp areas where it can hide under the vegetation and barks of trees.
  • Scarlet Snake: The snake is often confused for the poisonous coral snakes. However, they are not venomous, and they are just as long as 26 inches. They feed on small mice, eggs, insects, and lizards.
  • Racer Snakes: In North Carolina, you can see the black racer, young racer, and light racer snakes. These snakes can grow up to 70 inches. They are quite common in old houses, sheds, and sometimes in hilly areas and near bushes and shrubs.
  • Other Mentions: There are snakes like the coachwhip, Hognose, Water rattler, Timber rattlesnakes, water snakes, diamondback rattlesnake and more in North Carolina.

How to Protect Your Property in NC from Snakes?

Hiring a professional for wildlife removal is the best option of all.  If you’re worried about snakes entering your home this spring, give us a call at 336-460-8531 we will be happy to help. We’re open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We serve all of the Piedmont Triad and surrounding area, so if you are in need of help, give us a call!