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We all love to wake up to the chirping of birds. But certainly not from your chimney vent when you are planning to light it up! If you find birds, bats and raccoons building up nests in the chimney, it’s time you take steps for proper wildlife removal.

Ignoring their presence is not going to help matters, and soon, your AC vents or chimneys are going to smell foul, or worse, the chimney may become blocked for air to go out. Birds usually build nests on sun shades, broken window gaps, and exhaust fan slots. They may have their nests precariously on these vents too. Pigeons, especially have this tendency to make up nests on these broken or corners of building vents and chimneys both residential and commercial. European Starlings are the most common birds to nest in vents this time of year.

Before things go out of hand, take these steps into consideration:

Steps to Take for Protecting Vents and Chimneys

  • Invest in a Stainless Steel Cap: Hire a professional to fix the stainless steel chimney cap. They will fix it on top of the chimney vent. This will be protecting the chimney from rain and snow too besides preventing the birds or raccoons from making the nests. Chimney Swifts are one of the most common types of birds to nest in a chimney, and they are one of the types of birds that we specialize in excluding. These will be saving you a lot of time and money by being durable. Take care of the flue and work on covering it up with mesh and thoroughly too. Regular checks to see if these caps are still firm and working effectively in bird exclusion will be necessary. 
  • Don’t go for Hardware Cloth: Though these are an alternative many adopt with time, they tend to block the air from the chimney to escape out. This means it will send back the chimney inside the house and even can cause a fire.
  • Don’t Light up! A wrong way of bird removal might be of lighting up the chimney with hope of scaring away birds. But you may kill birds or raccoons and even leave behind the stench of this lasting in the room for long. So, don’t ever take this approach.

If you want to take the best step to protect your vents and chimneys from birds, give us a call. We will exclude your home from bird entry, and we will safely remove any birds and put them in a much safer location. Contact us to learn more!